Monday, December 28, 2009

Oakland, CA: 21hrs


I had a 21hr layover on Christmas eve in Okland, CA. The Marriott hotel I stayed at was great! Awesome breakfast served and amazing location. Right in front of a huge shopping plaza. Great variety of stores all the way from H&M to J.Crew. So I was away from my loved ones so what's the best remedy to cheer me up during such a special time in which I'm not next to loved ones?! Yeap u got it, SHOPPING!

I got a few things at H&M and nice patterned tights at Express. I like the few items I purchased. But I love a few goodies I got at J.Crew:


Gold tone bangles
Pink wide and thin bangles
<3 I'm in LOVE!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

San Francisco: 23hrs

I had a 23 hr layover in San Francisco this past Sunday, and of course I had to step out of the hotel. I walked a few blocks from the hotel to Chinatown to have Dim sum at City View Restaurant. Everything I had was great!
Scallop dumplings, Eggplant filled with shrimps and tofu
Yellow bean buns,Pork steamed dumplings and shrimp and rice dumplings.

Stopped in front of a house to take pic. hehe
A church I passed by when i was on my way to Fisherman Wharfs.
Statue Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs at Fisherman Wharfs.
Huge xmas treePhotobucket
Bath sea salt. They had over 24 different ones. They all smelled great!Photobucket
Candy store, I felt in heaven. I have such a sweet tooth.Photobucket
Alcatraz island. (This pic makes me realize even more the bad quality of my pics). I need a camera ASAP, even though my Sony does capture moments. LOL
Me, with a churro and some candy.Photobucket Had such a good time! Can't wait till I get another long layover there!

Spotted such a great Burger!

My "4-ever Crush" and I , went to The Spotted Pig in the West Village,NYC last week. I have nothing but praises for April Bloomfield’s gastropub. My BF had heard about this restaurant a while back so we decided to go. He wanted to try the burger and so did I. Especially since I was craving a juicy burger for a week prior to entering what i would now like to declare, "The burger heaven". The simple, yet tasty burger which didn't need any lettuce, onion nor tomato to burst out an explosion of extreme tastiness was superb! The shoestring fries with a hint of garlic were the best combination. The service was great. Our waitress was right on point, very attentive. my BF and I were so pleased with it all. We did become curious after reading a menu of specials of the day on a side chalk board. But that didn't restrain us from our initial decision, the burger. That curiosity will soon lead us to multiple future visits to The Spotted Pig.


Merry X-mas!

I know I know,What a bad blogger I am. Three weeks without posting. I have been having a few issues with my electronic belongings (cell and laptop). Also December is such a busy if not the busiest month in the Aviation industry which equals me having extra flights to operate. Not to mention being away from loved ones for the holidays, but I'm not going to get into that (tears, lots of tears). LOL So since I have been gone I do have a few things I want to share. Better late than never, right?

Starting with my tiny and according to my "4-ever Crush" anorexic X-mas tree:


Merry X-mas! Best wishes!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Can you?

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Can't get this song out of my head! "Can you Meet me half way?"

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cute to boot and Thai food night!


I went to a Thai restaurant with my 4ver crush last night, SEA Thai Bistro (the Williams burg location). Trendy, trendy and trendy!!. The decor is quiet impressive from what I was able to see. So we had Tup Tim fritters and green Papaya salad as appetizer. I really enjoyed the Tup Tim fritters and the sweet and sour sauce. I also had the Pad Thai as my entree and it was okay. I'm not yet an expert in Thai food but my significant other tried it and he was dissapointed. Anyhow I also had Thai iced tea, i wanted to get the whole experience HEHE. One thing they can modify is the volume of the music. It's not cute having to raise your voice to be able to speak to the person your dining with. Overall had such a great time!

Photobucket Here's a quick pic of the Pad Thai

P.S for those thinking > OMG look at her poor toes, they are not hurting in this pics, that's actually their structure (the index toes bone structure is higher than the rest of the toes). LOL

BDG gray cords,H&M v-neck, Express faux leather vest, UO suede gray boots

Dear Marinel

I'm so happy to be back in NY! Back in my old bedroom, with my doggie following me everywhere. Having the family near and being able to spend time with my significant other A.K.A "My 4ever Crush".

I'm now trying to organize myself and keep in mind a few things I have to take care of now that I'm finally in the Big juice apple!

This was before heading to the pharmacy to get a few things and before blow drying my hair, I know a bun didn't quiet cover the bad hair day!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fashion ART!

Great piece of advice! This reminds me,I need a few jeans ASAP!!
Now, I came across Austrian photographer Bela Borsodi's work. He takes photographic styling to a new level. I had seen his work in various fashion magazines(most recent been Vogue, if I'm not mistaken) and didn't even know it. His visual sculptures momentarily fool the eye and put the focus on the union of the featured fashion and accessories. It's just brilliant, I love it!

To check out his work visit:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Arrival of Goodies!

I have not posted any outfit post lately because I have been busy. I'm officially in NY 2 stay since last night so still settling in! I'm so :-)
love Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, November 30, 2009

Phrase Lovin'


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Friday, November 27, 2009

X-mas already?!!


I started my X-mas early. I purchased a few goodies and I can't wait till I get them delivered!! YAY :-)

Make the best of it!


I was at a layover for Thansgiving but lucky enough the hotel had a nice dinner menu:
I had a great steak with garlic mashed potatoe and string beans.A long with a glass of white wine and to finish it up a nice chocolate cake! YUMMY!!


Was a bit tired after a long day at work that just threw on some jeans a top and pumps!

H&M top and blazer, Jessica Simpson brown pumps,UO scarf, Buxton leather teal clutch

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy TG!!

Thanksgiving pin up Pictures, Images and Photos

WISHING YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I'm on the 2nd day of a 4 day trip. Laying over in Washington D.C for the night. Had a good dinner with the crew even though I sure miss having a home made dinner with the family. Will post up pics soon.

I'm grateful for everything God has put in my life. Everything that has been given to me and for the chance to wake up every morning to enjoy the best gift of all> LIFE and LOVE!
God Bless!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busy lately


I have been a bit busy with work and getting things ready for my move to NYC! This is a pic I took on a layover in NY a few days back. I stood in a very nice hotel in Long Island. The pics i took don't do justice so i'm not even going to post them up! Visit for pics and info on hotel! It's also near a lot of restaurants and it's GREEN!


Under Construction Pictures, Images and Photos

I decided to play around with my blog and it didn't turn out well. I have made it a little better than the actual result I got previously. I'm a bit tired now as to try to fix it up. Got back today from a 3 day trip, which included a red eye turn from San Jose, California to NYC. The flights were a bit overwhelming. I'M EXTREMELY SLEEPY!


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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Woman + right pair of shoes = She conquering the WORLD!


I'm on a 2 day trip and at a layover at the moment in Washington D.C so I have no outfit post for the day. But i do have a few pics of a few NEW goodies i have purchased! Especially shoes! YAY, will most likely share them with you guys tonight.

Now i have to get ready to head to the airport in a little over an hr!

Have a GREAT day!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I wear my heart on my sleeve!


My last day in NY! :-(. Exactly 2 more weeks and i'm back in NY for good!
Decided to wear my gray leather jacket for the 2nd day in a row. I just love the color!

H&M faux leather gray jacket, Freedom of Choice ankle zipper jeans,AA sheer v neck tee,Aldo clutch/handbag,H&M beret,Uniqlo scarf,My fav. cut out booties.