Friday, December 4, 2009

Cute to boot and Thai food night!


I went to a Thai restaurant with my 4ver crush last night, SEA Thai Bistro (the Williams burg location). Trendy, trendy and trendy!!. The decor is quiet impressive from what I was able to see. So we had Tup Tim fritters and green Papaya salad as appetizer. I really enjoyed the Tup Tim fritters and the sweet and sour sauce. I also had the Pad Thai as my entree and it was okay. I'm not yet an expert in Thai food but my significant other tried it and he was dissapointed. Anyhow I also had Thai iced tea, i wanted to get the whole experience HEHE. One thing they can modify is the volume of the music. It's not cute having to raise your voice to be able to speak to the person your dining with. Overall had such a great time!

Photobucket Here's a quick pic of the Pad Thai

P.S for those thinking > OMG look at her poor toes, they are not hurting in this pics, that's actually their structure (the index toes bone structure is higher than the rest of the toes). LOL

BDG gray cords,H&M v-neck, Express faux leather vest, UO suede gray boots


Zanah said...

I love Thai food and that pic looks yummy, literally! :) Mon Mode Blog

*Marinel* said...

hehe Yes, good stuff! :-)

SomedayNewYorker said...

Great shoes.

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