Saturday, October 31, 2009

Talk about Creative!

I Stumbled upon this video and wanted to share. This song is by Orin Lavie, "Her Morning Elegance". Simply captivating and inspirational!

The song is pretty nice as well!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Some simple Goodies!

It's no longer my Bday! hehe. Towards the end of the day I felt better. My mom got me a cake and balloons(she made me feel like little girl). It was a very pleasant surprise! I guess moms do know when something is up with their children! Anyhow i took a few pics but i'm not able to share at the moment. I think i messed up the memory card :-0. I just hope i don't lose the pics!

Anyhow in a recent post i stated how im not crazy about F21 and that i do have some accessories from them. Well im adding to my F21 belongings. I had a little urge 2 go shopping but im trying 2 be super duper nice and not spend much! ONLY $35 for this 3 items:

Wide braided dark brown belt

Wide braided faux leather belt featuring antique metal double belt buckle closures.

Animal Wild shawl < I find myself getting a bit animalistic lately (GRRR!) Photobucket
Soft and loosely woven shawl features a jungle animal print and fringe edging

Beaded Necklace
- Beaded mesh placket with a satin back lining suspends from dual linked chains with an antique gold finish and lobster clasp closure.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Don't Take for granted the passion she has for YOU!

On a day like 2day(Oct. 29) back in 1985, I was born! Yay for me! So today is my bday and is sad to say im not so hype about it! I'll celebrate tomorrow when im feeling better! But for now HAPPY BDAY 2 ME!
happy birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

I want to share a song with you guys that I definitely think says something that every women should always have in mind. Her worth! We passionate, caring and extremely devoted women should know how valuable we are and what deserve! Which in other words means that all we give should be reciprocated. For me this is essential even though I go far and beyond 2 give my all without expecting much in return!

F21 Stepping it up!

Just sharing:


F21 occupies the least space in my closet! I have bought tanks,tights, and a few accessories. I'm not crazy about the budget friendly mecca. But anyhow i came across what the Visual team is working on for the stores and im quiet impress. Its a cute little concept with artsy frames and all over the place furniture. Only thing is that for some reason they leave NY stores out of it! I mean i guess i kinda understand; NYC stores are just extremely messy and crowded enough, they don't want 2 add 2 it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Play day:

Another rainy day in NY. and along with that just another "one of those days" for me. Went to sleep fairly late this early morning and fully woked up near noon. So today has been and probably will continue to be a stay IN day! So then i thought.> hmm why not make this day from a "stay IN day "to a "Play day"! hehe and this is the result: (Ooh and that's my doggie Rossie, she's a bit nosy so she comes up in many pics. hehe)




Simple make up! Just some bronzer, mascara and eyeliner and lipgloss

Tomorrow is my Bday so i really hope mother nature sends me some nice Fall weather (NO RAIN) :-)

H&M floral lace skirt,Forever21 white tank,H&M tan pumps, H&M beige clutch and vintage earings and bracelet!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Theres's a SHE WOLF in the closet!

This song is quite catchy and im not really a fan of Shakira's music but my little sis told me to see her music video. OOh Goodness!. I'm glad i found this with lyrics. A bit hard to understand at times! I have an accent( sexy accent that is lol) myself so i was just saying hehe.

Wishing on:

My Current Wishlist, Which is very practical:

Who What Wear
Who What Wear: Celebrity and Runway Style for Real Life > $18.95


Corinna and Foley Mid City tote (Black or Gray) > $444


One year subscription to VOGUE!


Cole Haan "Kendal"Drawstring Leather handbag (Choco. brown)$417


Aldo Cassetty tall boots > $170

Chanel nail polish (Lilac sky and Allegoria) $23 each

MangoShop Blouson-L-Emilie top > $55

American Apparel thigh high socks (Black or Gray) $15 > H&M thighHi will also do


Look of the day: 10.27


Today was one of those rainy cold days that just make you want to stay home all day! So thats basically exactly what i did! Therefore im posting a Look of the day from last week! hehe

Vintage Black blazer, H&M black and white stripe top,American Apparel black leggings, Black patent open toe booties, H&M beret and gloves, Toywatch. Love it, Share it, Rate it

Thought of the day;


I have always been some what of a planner. I normally take major risk when i have analyzed the situation a lot and feel confident its worth taking such risks. Rarely will I give myself into something if im not sure it will result in positiveness.

If its regarding LOVE i will eventually just let go and give my all. ;-)

It's time 2 take risk, lots of them even if they're mini ones!

Look of the day: 10.26

A few quick errands: Im in NY for a few days, well because this is my Bday week YAY! and didn't want 2 be away from loved ones! Did a few quick errands wearing this:


Gap denim jacket, Express sheer black loose fit top, Express print sheer scarf, Martin + Osa straight leg khakis, H&M pumps, LV mini purse.

I <3 NY! "Big lights will inspire You"

I, do to work left the Big Apple and moved to Florida for about 8 months now! Time that made me realize even more that nothing can compare to NEW YORK! Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z seriously inspires me and hypes me up everytime i hear it! I asked for a transfer back to NY and i got it so NY in Dec 1st here I come!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The New Beginning!

Passionate! That's the one word i can say describes me to the fullest. Everything I do I put passion into it!
I'm a women who has goals and extreme confidence, an unyielding appreciation for life, and a positive outlook on all situations thrown at me! I'm grateful for being able to experience what i have so far and looking forward to experiencing so much more!
This world has so much to offer and I'm ready to be inspired by it all!

"The New Beginning"

This blog will express my celebration & Passion for Life itself!

“ Just like any woman,…we weave our stories out of our bodies. Some of us through our children, or our art; some do it just by living. It’s all the same. ” (Mikkomix)